Doing product designs is one of the coolest things I get to do because at the end of production there’s a physical object out there in the world. In this case it’s a line of hockey sticks!

Lycan is a new brand of hockey sticks in Australia owned by several members of the men’s Olympic Hockey team and world number 1’s, the Kookaburras.

They really wanted to launch their great new range with an eye-catching design unlike anything anybody had seen before in the hockey world and they picked HANDBRAKE. The design is intense, the colours are intense, and the final product can be recognised anywhere on the field!

Oh, I also redesigned their logo which is now featured everywhere the Lycan name is found.

Lycan stick 02

Lycan stick 01

Lycan stick 04

BOOMROD 3Here’s the three stick collection in their different colours


And this is the entire original piece that each stick is made from


The new Lycan logo! By HANDBRAKE

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