Recently I was asked to submit two pieces for a great charity exhibition in Fremantle, Western Australia called IHART that raised money for a local dog rescue shelter. The concept was simple: get a Crystal Head vodka bottle (the one that looks like a human skull) and do whatever you want to it but make it look sweet.

Around 40 Australian and international artists took part and some of the final pieces were mind blowing! The HandBrake skulls sold out in just minutes and one of them went to a very special buyer.

The owner of Crystal Head Vodka is none other than Dan Aykroyd (Blues Brother, Ghostbuster, Cone Head, etc…) and when he saw my beaded skull he said he had to have it for his personal collection! That particular piece took 50 hours and around 3000 individual beads glued on so to have him like it so much was pretty damn awesome.

Here are some snaps of the HB skulls: (thanks to Vincent Anthony Photography for some of the pics)

Blood Skull 03

Bead skull 01

Beaded sneak preview 01

Blood skull 01

Blood skull 02

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