It’s a very rare thing to graffiti the high school you went to and have all the teachers say “thank you” after you’re done.

But that’s exactly what happened when Handbrake painted a 2 storey-high wall mural at Hale School in Perth WA.

The piece is inspired by everything that is on offer to students in school, particularly a school like Hale – sport, music, drama, art, etc… And features an arm reaching from the mind of the main character to grab a floating “idea” (yeah the lightbulb).

This piece was commissioned by Hale for the 25th anniversary of the Hale School Fine Art Exhibition –  a great event with renowned Australian and international artists invited to exhibit. Handbrake had 7 pieces on show this year!

Music credit in the video – “The Mantra” by the amazing Perth band The Brow

To commission HB for a piece of your own hit up –

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