Want to get in touch and get some great design work done? Or just maybe ask a question? There’s, like, a thousand ways and here are a few (carrier pigeon and telepathy not included):

Phone: 0408 959 940

Email: info@handbrakeclothing.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/HandBrakeSurfSkate


  1. Jennie says:

    Interested in the the recent unwanted surfboard ..

  2. gday hans, I was hoping to get a price or rough idea what it may cost to do some art work on the back transom of my boat.
    I grinded off the anti foul and now it looks like chunder
    its a 24 ft fibreglass boat and the area would be about 1.5 mts square
    I’m a good mate of corks from 3d and saw something he posted and figured your art would be perfect for this
    give me a ring if you can – thanks mike

    • Hey mate how you going? Sorry for not replying but I’ve been away for the weekend so was off grid a bit. Can you drop me an email with some more info about what sort of artwork you’re after and maybe some photos of your boat and the area that you need work on? Email is hans@handbrakedesign.com


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