HANDBRAKE is the artist alias of Hans Bruechle – West Australian artist, illustrator, writer, graphic designer, and video producer with a love for all things vibrant and quirky.

Hans is an incredibly versatile artist who is able to apply his creativity to a huge range of disciplines; from corporate logo design to skateboard decks and even hockey sticks!

He has worked with iconic brands and companies the world over, creating graffiti wall pieces for McDonalds, headphones for Skullcandy, hockey sticks for Lycan Hockey, surfboard fins for World Surf Professional rider Josh Kerr and 3D Fins, and his very own brand of skateboards and clothing “HANDBRAKE Surf & Skate”, plus plenty more.

Here you’ll find a collection of Hans’ creations. Surfboards, skateboards, huge wall pieces, vodka bottles, canvasses, you name it!

Keep an eye out for Hans’ signature HANDBRAKE style of intricate and quirky characters and scenery that seem to flow and jumble on top of one another.
And if you’re interested in a custom HB piece of your own Hans is available for commissions – email hans@handbrakedesign.com or call 0408 959 940

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