HB Rooftop Sessions

What do you say when you get invited to hang out at one of the most incredible, multi-million dollar new homes built in your city? You say “hell yes!” and you grab a crew and some boards!

Architect Neil Cownie has designed and built this jaw-dropping home in Floreat, WA that has ties with the west coast skate culture of City Beach. Back in the day international skaters who found themselves on the west coast of Australia would find themselves trying to skate the roof of the old City Beach kiosk because it just looked so damn awesome. It had a flat top with a lip like a kidney dish and some big name skaters have been photographed up there.

So Neil threw in an homage to that scene with his new home design and it’s just been completed so the Handbrake crew was invited down to check it out.

It was also a great opportunity to promote the upcoming Handbrake solo exhibition on Saturday March 10th!! This event is going to be something special, and the location is staying a secret for now… but definitely put it in your calendar.

For now you can follow along on Instagram – @handbrakeart

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